Guitar Models

Steel string - from £4,500

OM 14 Fret (scale length 645mm)

000 12 Fret (scale length 645mm)

Size 1 Parlour (scale length 632mm)

These have the option of a French Polish or Lacquer finish and come with a  Hiscox Standard hard case.

Historical  - from £3,500

Baroque Guitar (700mm Scale Length and tuned to 415hz) based on plans for the Stradivarius 'Hill' Guitar

With Gut or Nylgut Strings

French Polish finish.



Wood, Inlays and Bindings

I choose woods based on a combination of their tonal properties and their aesthetic qualities, striving to create an instrument that is beautifully designed and sonically rich.

My choices of woods for the back and sides can range from tropical hardwoods traditionally used in guitar building, such as various rosewood and mahogany species to fruitwoods and other more sustainable local woods from the UK and the rest of Europe.

Necks can range from mahoganys to ash, maple and more.

Soundboards are typically either Sitka or European Spruce and occasionally Engleman. Other woods can be considered.

I try to incorporate reclaimed timber when possible, for instance, from antique furniture.

All inlays and bindings are individually chosen or built from scratch for each instrument to compliment the overall design.

If you have any specific woods or inlays in mind for you instrument then I would be happy to discuss them.

Please note that certain 'exotic' woods will increase the price of the instrument.

I follow changes to the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) Lists and adjust my wood choices accordingly.

Special Requests

I can accomodate any special requests such as a left-handed guitar, cutaways, arm bevels and pickups.

I am happy to discuss any other requests.

How To Order

Either contact me through the form on this website, send me an email, phone me or make an appointment to see me in the workshop.

Deposit and Payment

Before starting a build I require a payment of 1/3 of the total price. This will be put towards materials as well as securing a spot in the build queue.

A second payment before the finishing process is begun will be required.

The final payment will be made once the guitar is ready to ship/be collected.

Further details on the payment process will be discussed as necessary. Payments can be broken down into smaller increments if needed.

Build Time

The total build time for a guitar is a roughly 160 hours of work. This does not factor in drying times for glues and finishes which bumps the time up substantially. Construction is also done around other work, such as repairs, and is dependant on your place in the build queue.

Most timeframes will not go much over six months.


Instruments are subject to a limited lifetime warranty. 

Included in this are free setups for as long as the original owner has the instrument, and repairs to the finish up to a year after purchase.

This does not cover:

  • Alterations to the instrument.
  • Damage caused due to neglect, abuse or improper handling
  • Damage caused by extremes of temperature or humidity
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